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Copyright Update – Dallas Buyer’s Club Proceedings Discontinued

DBC LLC, the company that owns the rights to the 2013 movie Dallas Buyer’s Club, has abandoned its case against Australians that illegally downloaded the movie. DBC was originally seeking that internet service providers such as iinet, the key defendant in the case, provide them with the personal details of over 4,000 customers who had […]

ASIC Uncovers ‘Misleading And Deceptive’ IPOs

  On 14 July 2016, ASIC released its report into due diligence practices in initial public offerings (IPOs). The report has exposed a number of key problems, particularly in the prospectuses of some small and mid-size issuers of IPOs, and provides guidance on good due diligence practices for those planning to raise capital in the […]

Want American Netflix? The Government Is On Your Side.

‘Watch Game of Thrones Free – We’re sorry, this video is not available in your region.’ Geoblocking, a technological process frequently used by foreign online streaming services such as US Netflix or HBO to prevent people overseas from accessing their content. Whilst there are a number of ways to get around geoblocks, such as using […]