Capital Raising

Whether you’re raising capital to fund the operation and growth of your existing business, or seeking to invest in an all-new venture, pragmatic advice from lawyers experienced in the legal issues associated with capital raising is integral to your success. 

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The team at New Era Lawyers have a deep and comprehensive understanding of the regulatory environment that businesses operate within. Our lawyers have operated in the area of corporate advisory for over a decade, acting on a number of IPOs and facilitating capital raising for many clients.

We use our years of engaging with the legislation surrounding capital raising to provide you with viable strategies to meet your needs. 

New Era Lawyers is the progressive law firm with the insight and track record to help you achieve your capital raising goals.

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Raising the capital your business requires for innovation and growth is too important to take a risk on. Invest in a legal team who bring the certainty of experience and the security of unwavering dedication. Contact New Era Lawyers today.